Our clean and spacious rooms , the specialized care and proper nutrition are factors that we classify in the highest positions in the competition.


The nursing staff is available to residents 24 hours a day and visited the rooms regularly caring for hygiene, administering medication and cleanliness of guests and living spaces. There is also a possibility of direct communication via an intercom system to be recruited emergency with promptness and speed. Apart from the nursing staff unit synergazetaime specialists like physiotherapists, social workers and psychologists to address specific problems of guests always in close consultation with the unit physician and relatives of the elderly. Head of the medical department is the expert pathologist Sarados Karaminas, who is the founder and director of the foundation.


The public areas of the unit is comfortable, bright and airy and designed so that exude feeling homely warmth. On the question of safety, all areas of the unit protected from automatic fire extinguishing systems and monitored by closed endoparakolouthisis system. The elderly care center "ELIA" is designed to accommodate a limited number of elderly to avoid overcrowding phenomena observed in several counterparts.


The diet is based on professional menu dietitian according to individual needs of each guest always in conjunction with the medical istoriko.To food served three times daily in the dining room or in the room, for anyone who wishes. The materials are carefully selected and fully in accordance with applicable regulations.


We have single and double rooms, with special emphasis given to the aesthetics of the rooms and public areas resembling more luxury hotel, while providing high quality nursing and medical frontida.Ola rooms have private bath and intercom with central management and equipped with air conditioning, TV and tilefono.To spirits operation of the unit is the family and the service offered to tenants is driven personal needs of each. There is 24-hour presence of qualified nursing staff and daily medical supervision.